Why is everyone tired?

Why is everyone tired?

In my medical practice, I am seeing growing numbers of people who are chronically exhausted, and my sense is that it’s not just their medical condition that is fatiguing them.

Endlessly “powering through” the stresses and demands of life these last few years has left many of us unable to recognise that we are actually chronically stressed, stuck in that fight-or-flight, high cortisol existence.

As a yoga teacher, I see the same issue manifest in different ways.

The beauty of practicing yoga is that it allows us to recognise that deep-seated, chronic stress….and to release it! Simply noticing the breath and bringing awareness to where we are carrying tension in our body, can be life-changing. The movement of energy (prana) via breath work and body movement on the mat can heal, restore and rejuvenate. The more we do this, the more energy we have.

Many of the people I see in my medical practice have arthritis or autoimmune conditions. Sometimes, people with musculoskeletal or rheumatological conditions can find yoga challenging, so props or modifications can be useful to get comfortably into a pose (asana).

If you have musculoskeletal or rheumatological conditions and you find yoga challenging, or you've always wanted to try yoga but have been worried that it is too strenuous, reach out and connect 1-2-1 with me! 
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