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Do you feel confused about your diagnosis? Need a rheumatologist to explain things in a way that makes sense, whilst also supporting you on your holistic health journey?


It can be frustrating, scary and deeply overwhelming when you are diagnosed with a rheumatological illness, such as vasculitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or any other autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in your body. Often, these are rare disorders and your family or friends may not have encountered anyone with your condition before. There are often no straight answers and the treatments themselves may be complex or cause side effects that you were unprepared for. You may have lots of questions but perhaps you have not received enough time for them to be answered.


These 90 minute Telehealth consultations are designed to provide you with clarity around your diagnosis, test results and treatment. Your existing specialist letters and test results will be reviewed ahead of time so that during our time together in the Consult for Clarity, we can complete a health assessment and ensure that your questions can be answered.


During your assessment we may suggest holistic practices that could be of benefit, for example, for fatigue. Fatigue is a common troublesome symptom and lab tests often fail to identify the root cause. Autoimmune illness often arises in (and is exacerbated by) a dysregulated autonomic nervous system and chronically elevated stress response. This can perpetuate fatigue and pain, even if your inflammation is controlled. This is where yogic techniques can help. There are also lifestyle factors that can be addressed.


To book or enquire about a Consult for Clarity, please contact us. You can refer yourself for a Consult but please ensure you are able to send us your specialist letters and previous tests results before the consult. 


*Please note: a doctor-patient relationship is not established with Consults for Clarity. We do not make any new diagnoses. The purpose of the appointment is to clarify existing diagnoses and test results and/or to provide you with 360 degree integrated healthcare support, using therapeutic yoga as the foundation to health.

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