Unlocking the Power of Yoga as Medicine

Listen to this episode of The Revitalising Doctor Podcast in which I outline why modern healthcare needs an ancient wellness revolution, and how yoga can pave the way.


Yoga for Scleroderma

Discover the benefits of yoga and myofascial release for scleroderma (systemic sclerosis) and experience a chair yoga practice to embody the experience.


Holistic Care in Scleroderma

Watch this 40 minute discussion about wholeperson care in Scleroderma, focussing on medications, fatigue management and mental wellbeing, delivered in conjunction with Scleroderma Support & Education NZ Trust


Yoga for Lupus - podcast interview

Enjoy this episode of the Chair Yoga Podcast where I was invited to discuss my experiences of Yoga for Lupus!

We touched on recommended practices for Lupus, self-care tips, the importance of self-advocacy and the adaptability of chair yoga for lupus.


Yoga for Pain Management in Arthritis and Lupus 10 May 2023 7-8pm NZT

Join me in this practical session as we explore how yoga helps in pain management in arthritis and lupus.

You will be introduced to some of the scientifically-proven tools, and have the opportunity to participate in a short guided practice.

In partnership with Arthritis NZ.


Yoga for Arthritis - online class in partnership with Arthritis NZ

If you are curious about trying yoga for arthritis or pain, here is your chance to participate in a safe, supported class from the comfort of your own home.